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About six years ago I left behind a comfortable career in education to pursue my first love, writing. My writing degree had been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for over a decade at that point, and I couldn't stand it any longer. 

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I believe there is a story in everything and magic everywhere - it's just about how willing you are to see it. I believe my particular gift is the ability to perceive the story and tell it in a way that makes sense to as many as possible.

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Label Port Adelaide pretenders at your peril

Thirty-two years of watching Port Adelaide destroy the hopes and dreams of multiple teams when it matters has taught me that they’re a bear you shouldn’t poke.

And if ever the Power needed an injection of that Magpies belligerence, it’s now.

The Port Adelaide tradition is the greatest and oldest in the country. They are the single most successful team in the country by premierships – a record built on a signature attitude.

As a kid, when you went to watch Port Adelaide play your side, you lea

Adelaide need to get weird at the selection table

In a truncated and unique 2020 season, Adelaide have an opportunity.

Whether or not this year’s AFL season has an asterisk or not, it was always going to be a hard-fought year for the Crows. After the departure of Don Pyke followed by several older, out-of-form players at the end of last year, the club appointed Matthew Nicks.

Nicks impressed with his rhetoric early. He appeared to be a no-nonsense coach who was capable of building strong relationships with the players. However, he has shown a

Interview: Ash Grunwald gets deep with us about his new collaboration with Josh Teskey - The AU Review

When you hear it, you wonder how a coupling like Josh Teskey and Ash Grunwald had never come to be before now. It’s a match made in Blues heaven. And, in a world that seems to be dominated by just how electronic music can become, this album is a time-capsule full of pure and simple Blues goodness.

Sometime late 2018, Josh and Ash were together at Half Mile Harvest Studios filming a clip for Ash’s single ‘Ain’t My Problem’, on which The Teskey Brothers had played. Ash started jamming some blues

Album Review: Stevie and the Sleepers – Self-Titled (2020 LP) - The AU Review

With the release of their debut album, Melbourne five-piece Stevie and the Sleepers have achieved something rare in modern music – authenticity. Stevie Joy and Jason Fados have announced themselves as songwriters who can truly tell a story.

Sonically, most of the time it’s a straight down the line Blues record. It flirts with Blues Rock, Bluegrass, Soul and Motown, but it’s all laid over the wonderful foundations of the blues.

The constant crying, wailing and screaming of a masterfully control

Album Review: NEEDTOBREATHE – Out of Body (2020 LP) - The AU Review

As per usual, the new offering from NEEDTOBREATHE is firmly rooted in gospel sensibilities. The music on Out of Body is unmistakably spiritual by design. Yet, agnostic as I am, I can’t be mad about it. If anyone was ever going to convince me to re-enter a church, it would be this band. And this appeal outside of the evangelical church community is what has given this band the longevity they’ve so far enjoyed.

Also, Bear Rineheart has the kind of voice that reviewers like me can spend a lifetime

Interview: Ahren Stringer from the Amity Affliction talks new album Misery and gets nostalgic - The AU Review

Back in August, The Amity Affliction released their new album Misery, which saw them claim their fourth #1 album on the ARIA charts. Bassist/Vocalist Ahren Stringer sat down with Josh Champion from the AU to look back on the release.

You guys have a rep for hitting the tough issues front on, but this is particularly dark matter. What drove you here for this record?

I mean I don’t write the lyrics, that’s all Joel [Birch]. So I can’t really talk about that. But musically we just wanted to try s

Reflecting on 2016 and chatting music history with Son Little - The AU Review

It’s about 4:30pm on a Sunday and as I rise to meet Aaron Livingston, aka Son Little, in the foyer of a five star hotel in Adelaide, a very officious hotel concierge begins pointing at him shouting, “You cannot drink that in here sir!” Before long, I realise he’s referring to the beer in Aaron’s hand. We’re about 10 metres from a bar but the staff refuse to let him walk that ten metres with an open bottle. He’s just returned from a soundcheck at the secret venue for The Porch Sessions gig he’s p

Ricky Wilson takes us behind the new Kaiser Chiefs record, Stay Together! - The AU Review

With Stay Together, the Kaiser Chiefs are unleashing upon the world something unlike anything they’ve ever done before. But, as singer Ricky Wilson told me recently, that’s by design. It’s pure pop, as produced by Brian Higgins. But it’s really good pop. You know, an album of songs that sound different but fit together, as opposed to an album of songs that sound the same and have no connection to each other.

First off, thanks for the time.

It’s totally alright mate, but it is my girlfriend’s b